Hang Lung Collaborates with Zhejiang University and CLEANCO2 to Reduce Embodied Carbon at Westlake 66, Hangzhou

Hang Lung Properties collaborates with Zhejiang University and CLEANCO2 to reduce embodied carbon at Westlake 66, Hangzhou. By utilizing low carbon recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) and low carbon concrete bricks, the strategic partnership aims to advance and accelerate progress in combating the building and construction sector’s major challenge.

Westlake 66 is the first commercial development project to use low carbon concrete bricks in mainland China and Hong Kong. The embodied carbon associated with buildings contributes 11% of global carbon emissions, and these low carbon bricks are expected to produce 87.5% less embodied carbon emissions than conventional shale bricks.

This partnership will enable exciting innovations to decarbonize real estate.

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