Have you ever thought that yard waste can be transformed into useful materials?

The following is a brilliant example

These Christmas tree souvenirs are made of natural Christmas trees Y•PARK collected last year. Gone are the days when they are sent to landfills directly. But at present, there are still almost 160 to 180 tonnes of yard waste sent there, and the amount has increased over the past five years, which is an urgent issue at the moment. What is the solution to this problem? Can we do something to alleviate the situation? Yes, we definitely can do many. It all depends on our choices and cooperation.

Y•PARK makes you available for recyclable wood products

Y•PARK is a yard waste recycling centre under Environmental Protection Department, recycling different kinds of yard wastes and transforming them into useful recyclable products for local use. Fallen trees and thus have more possibilities rather than being sent to landfills.

Y•PARK not only focuses on recycling yard waste into recyclable products, but also hopes we can function the concept of 4L, namely, Local Timber Resources, Local Production, Local Consumption, and Local Recycling well in Hong Kong. In future, we can see a circular economy and our carbon footprint reduced. We hope we can join hands to give woods a second life. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to achieve sustainable development goals.

Do more for our environment and be considerate of the earth’s sustainability.

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