How is Hong Kong doing on Food Waste Collection? 30%, 15% or ….

How is Hong Kong doing on Food Waste Collection? 30%, 15% or ….

It approximates just 5% per statistics on 2021.

Food Waste Collection and Recycling is the key challenge towards Zero Landfill per the Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035.

With the opening of O-Park 2 next year, it will boost the combined capacity of waste-to-energy further to 500 tonnes per day. But comparing to the 3600 tonnes of Food Waste we generated daily in Hong Kong, we have a long way to go.

80% of food waste is being contributed by the domestic household. And the highly dense Residential environment has posed extra difficulty in convenient collection of Food Waste with minimal annoyance: odour, hygiene, space etc. And convenience is the crucial key to success for sorting at source.

What could we do?

Sweden in Europe has achieved over 90% of recycling rate since 2014. One of the innovations is using specific-coloured bags of bio-degradable material to collect different recyclables. Without the need to find space for extra bins, bags of all colours are collected and trucked together to a sorting plant equipped with optical sorting equipment by Envac. There, the bags are sorted by their colour and thus the GREEN bag of Food Waste are collected for further process into Biogas or other products. The public like the convenience with great support. The collection rate has elevated quickly within months!

What you think?

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