How Smart Mobile Farms Builds New Green Normal Movement

Farmacy HK is the 1st and award-winning urban farming technology company in Asia, creating Smart Mobile Farms with cloud-based control capabilities for highly urbanized cities. Founded in 2018, Farmacy HK carries the mission of “driving the New Green Normal Movement” that enables ecological farming of safe and fresh produce with our decentralized data-driven technologies.

The team enables premium supermarket chains, michelin-star restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, private clubhouses and schools to cultivate more than 50+ plant species with our pioneering indoor farming technology – with customzied full automation and modular system for each client.

With the hands-on guidance from Scientific and Business Advisory Board, FarmacyHK combines technological expertise with social responsibility. As a green business, the group strives to provide sustainable solution to mitigate global ecological trauma, i.e.: habitat or nature damage from deforestation and rapid urbanisation. As a result, the team’s pioneering technology helps save 90% more water compared to traditional farming, retain 25%-50% more nutrients than packaged produce and improve food safety with zero pesticides.

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