Integrated Audit Benefits from Active Energy Management Ltd

Organizations have ambitious net zero “roadmaps” and we help drive cost-effective progress, using a holistic approach:

1. Carbon, Energy Auditing and Retro-Commissioning
•We apply thorough carbon and energy audits – understanding existing energy flow to find innovative savings opportunities for commercial, hotel and industrial systems.
•Our Retro-Commissioning (RCx) of existing equipment challenges and updates equipment settings for TODAY’S objectives in systems designed for different contexts, like high fresh-air rates suiting tobacco smoking or large heat loads from tungsten lighting.
•We’ll apply latest self-learning and AI-driven plant control strategies, maximising efficiency.
2. Continuous Commissioning:
•Our Continuous Commissioning service maintains systems at peak performance.
•We can include regular Energy Management “Monitoring & Targeting.”
3. Design and Project Management:
•Our Design and Project Management drives sustainability improvement progress.
4. Lifecycle Perspective:
• We routinely assess lifecycle status of energy-consuming systems – justifying cost-effective retrofit upgrades if many years of service life remain, or recommending outdated technology near end-of-life for renewals.
• Our “Build Better” approach incorporates latest high-efficiency features in new, retrofit and replacement projects.
5. Cost Benefit Optimisation:
• We’ll compare like-for-like renewal costs against high-efficiency upgrades – shorter payback justifies accelerated action by subtracting basic renewal costs.
• We optimise lifecycle renewal plant ratings – selectively up or downsizing delivers Capex, Opex and Carbon benefits!

In Summary, Active Energy Management Ltd applies a comprehensive strategy, balancing immediate gains and long-term planning! Contact us on

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