NAMI’s Novel Sustainable Technologies Granted Prestigious International Awards

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (“NAMI”) is proud to announce its recent success in winning 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze awards in the Edison Awards, as well as 7 gold, 9 silver and 1 bronze medals in the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.

One of the winning innovations is the Durable Housing Based on Steel-Lightweight Concrete Modular Construction, a hybrid steel-concrete modular integrated construction (MiC) technology that utilizes NAMI’s patented high-strength lightweight concrete to transform modules into durable and energy-efficient structures with larger usable area, enabling an authentic concrete-like living experience. While weighing only 60% of normal concrete, NAMI’s lightweight concrete achieves C25 structural strength and offers three times more thermal insulation for greater electricity savings.

Another winning innovation is the Ultra-stable Long-life Fast-charging Lithium Metal Battery, having a flexible 3D scaffold anode to offer 400Wh/kg and 900Wh/L energy densities, being 40% higher than that of the latest Li-ion batteries. NAMI’s Ultra-stable Lithium Metal Battery provides a more efficient and sustainable energy source for electric vehicles and consumer electronics, reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and decreasing carbon emissions. Additionally, its long-life and fast-charging capabilities reduce the manufacturing of batteries, resulting in less waste and contributing to a more circular economy.

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