Promoting the “Choose to Reuse” Culture and Dining Experience in the Community

Supported by the Environmental Conservation Fund, the “Choose to Reuse” Reusable Packaging Programme initiated by WWF and foodpanda Hong Kong has been growing steadily to promote the use of reusable packaging for takeaway food. To further dial up cultural awareness and encourage behavioral changes, foodpanda Hong Kong bought the reusable packaging solution to two community events this March to engage the public through hands-on experience on food tasting and dining with reusable containers.

One of these events was the Vegetarian Food Asia Expo, the largest exhibition showcasing vegetarian and eco-friendly living in Hong Kong. At the event, visitors could conveniently borrow a reusable container from the vending machine at foodpanda’s booth, use it for food tasting at various booths, and simply return it to the collection machine on-site after usage.

Similarly, at the Green T Baby Fun Day, a recent ESG community event organized by MTR, foodpanda also offered reusable containers at the F&B area, enabling participants to enjoy their food in a more sustainable manner, and meanwhile learn and understand more about the importance of reduction of single-use plastic tableware, as well as the idea of reusable containers that we offer in the programme. We hope that by engaging with the community through these events, foodpanda will continue to celebrate and promote green living among the public.

Aside from supporting various events as a green F&B solution, the Reusable Packaging Programme is actively expanding its network in the community on Hong Kong Island, with the aim of empowering more restaurant partners and customers towards a greener food delivery experience. Learn more:

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