It’s time to do waste management – Baguio Integrated Waste Recycling Service

As we continue to consume raw materials causing many irreversible environmental pollutions, “Circular Economy” is increasingly valued around the world. “Waste” constantly flows around a “closed-loop” system, rather than being used once and then discarded. Go further, Baguio aims to complete the local circular loop – “Local collection, Local recycling & Local utilization”.

With the strong support of the logistic team, equipped with self-owned recycling facilities and rich recycling management experience, Baguio could provide an integrated and comprehensive solution to the waste reduction of the corporation, including but not limited to glass, plastic, paper, yard waste, animal waste and food waste.

In the “closed-loop” system, the “waste” simultaneously keeping the value in the economy, without leakage into the natural environment, just like the case of plastic in Hong Kong. Baguio took the initiative to setup the biggest and first food-grade ready plastics recycling facility in Hong Kong, with Joint Venture with ALBA Group Asia Limited (ALBA), and Swire Coca-Cola Limited (Swire Coca-Cola), the facility is soon to commence.

The local system from collection and recycling of plastic bottles in Hong Kong by Baguio.

The facility will be able to process and recycle 35,000 metric tonnes of post-consumer PET (Polyethylene terephthalate or clear beverage bottles) and HDPE (high-density polyethylene or personal care bottles) plastic materials on an annual basis. The facility can turn classified PET and HDPE plastics waste into high-grade rPET flakes and high-grade rHDPE pellets which can be reused as raw materials for new, high-quality consumable or industrial products and finally reduce the burden of the landfill in Hong Kong.

The Plastics Recycling Facility is cooperated by the joint venture company – New Life Plastics Limited, which was formed by ALBA, Baguio & Swire Coca-Cola.

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