Live More Sustainably: DBS’ Commitment to a Better World

As a different kind of bank, DBS is committed to fulfilling its pledge of creating a more sustainable and better world through three strategic pillars: 1) Responsible banking, 2) Responsible business practices, and 3) Impact beyond banking. DBS firmly believes that sustainable development is not just a future concern but an immediate priority. The bank actively contributes to business ecosystems and foster long-term value by leveraging its extensive experience and robust Asian network. DBS aims to make a significant impact by partnering with corporations to help them achieve their carbon emission goals, and it remains dedicated to making further progress in this area.

To exemplify DBS’ unwavering commitment to sustainability, the bank has supported clients from diverse sectors in their pursuit of sustainability, including Champion REIT, Nameson Holdings, Haier, and CNTIC HK. Learn more about how DBS fulfill its promise and contribute to the sustainable endeavors of these remarkable organizations by watching the video below.

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