Making our cities more resilient and liveable through urban farming

Urban agriculture is taking off globally, with cities as diverse as Paris, Singapore, New York, and Hong Kong seeing accelerated adoption of urban farming projects across the individual, private, non-profit and governmental sectors. At Rooftop Republic, we believe urban farming is more than a means to grow food to feed our communities – it is a pathway towards greater city resilience and liveability, through:

1. Improving environmental conditions by reducing air pollution, and mitigating the heat island effect.
2. Addressing food insecurity by creating local sources of fresh organic produce.
3. Encouraging biodiversity and introducing them into urban spaces to encourage pollinators.
4. Becoming a refuge for stressed and anxious citydwellers and improving mental health and well-being through healthier consumption and being in natural spaces.
5. Strengthening communities through growing and sharing food, and generating employment opportunities.

To help you achieve these environmental and social objectives, Rooftop Republic’s Urban Farming as a Service offers you a one-stop urban farming solution starting from consultancy and design, farm build and management, as well as farm experiences. To date, the team has set up close to 80 farms, transformed more than 80,000 square feet of urban spaces into flourishing urban farms, and have engaged more than 26,000 citydwellers in urban farming.

Through its growing movement Farm the City, Rooftop Republic aims to bring together practitioners and stakeholders to explore how urban farming can be the catalyst towards greater climate and urban resilience through integrating ecology, urban agriculture and the built environment into a regenerative urban ecosystem, and to collaboratively imagine and design the blueprint of our future green cities powered by a local and circular food production model.

Farm the City will be at ReThink 2022’s Sustainable Communities Theatre, driving conversations around ReThinking Urban Resilience.

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