MTR Keeps Cities Moving Sustainably

With the purpose being to “Keep Cities Moving”, MTR strives to connect and grow communities with inclusive, innovative and sustainable services. MTR is committed to embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into its business and operations to create long term value for all stakeholders. MTR has set forth three priority areas to advance its environmental and social objectives while supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

(1) Social Inclusion – As a provider of public transport services for all, social inclusion lies at the very heart of who MTR is and what it does.

(2) Advancement & Opportunities – As MTR fulfils its vision to connect and grow communities, it creates opportunities for others to develop themselves and grow alongside the Corporation.

(3) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction – As a low-carbon transport provider, MTR is committed to managing its environmental footprint and achieving carbon neutrality.

Under the above three objectives, MTR has defined ten commitments and a set of KPIs to create a greater impact for society. MTR has formulated an ESG investment framework to institutionalise environmental and social principles into its investment decision making process and to provide funding for eligible ESG-focused projects that helps achieve its KPIs. Click the link below to watch how MTR builds sustainable communities for all. For details on MTR’s ESG initiatives and KPIs in pursuit of its three environmental and social objectives, please visit MTR’s sustainability website:

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