NAMI Strives for Sustainability with Its International Award-Winning Novel Technologies

As a Materials Expert, Nano and Advanced Materials Institute (NAMI) has a strong portfolio of novel green technologies across a wide spectrum of market sectors to support and collaborate with the industries to achieve a more sustainable future.

Celluwarm – Sustainable Cellulose Aerogel for Extra Warm Ultralight Winter Outfits
Commercial duck down feathers require feather plucking on living ducks, which is a non-sustainable and inhumane process. Further, their bulkiness limits outdoor sports applications. NAMI has developed Celluwarm, a sustainable, animal-free and ultralight insulation material that leverages cellulose nanofibrils extracted from spent corn husk. It provides the winter outfits with the highest insulation performance in the market, being 3.5 times warmer, 50% thinner and lighter than duck down feathers, as well as launderable for 50 times without losing insulation performance.

Celluwarm is granted a Gold Award in 2022 Edison Awards and the Finalist in 2021 R&D100 Awards.

Hard Amorphous Metal Coating – A New Class of Protective Surface Coating

NAMI has applied its amorphous metal coating on stainless steel, being the industry’s first application for coffee grinding. The coating process is eco-friendly with minimal generation of waste. It drastically increases the grinding blade’s hardness, sharpness and toughness, prolonging its service life to 4 times, and leading to 50% finer coffee powders for silkier and more intense, robust coffee with original taste.

NAMI’s amorphous metal coating on coffee bean grinding blade is granted a Silver Medal at the 2022 International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva and has been the Winner of 2021 R&D100 Awards.

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