[Oct 6 ]Listen to the youth at a debate: “Can Hong Kong succeed in its “Green Deal”?”

The world is facing a sustainability crisis. Extreme weather and natural disasters are bringing devastating effects this year from ferocious heatwave in Europe to catastrophic floods in Pakistan. Facing climate change, the European Union (the EU) and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government both set ambitious decarbonization target to strive to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This target cannot be achieved without clear action plans. In 2020, the EU announced the European Green Deal, the new growth strategy to achieve NetZero and transition the EU economy to a sustainable economic model. Last year, Hong Kong also introduced its own “Green Deal”, Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2050, to outline strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Participation of citizens and communities is essential to maximize the impact of the Green Deals. Among them, youth is a key player that pursues sustainability without discrimination and prejudice. They should never be left alone to solve climate change. This debate would provide a platform to the youth to voice out their priorities and concerns in sustainable development, and vision on comprehensive Green Deals. Debaters will also take European Green Deal and experiences learnt from its implementation as a reference to understand Hong Kong’s “Green Deal”. Join us at Future Leaders Stage between 12:30 & 13:45 on 6th October 2022

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