One-Stop Energy Saving Solution Provider

Energys Spectrum is a total energy saving solution provider and the innovation arm of Energys Group of UK. We focus on cloud based data logging, audit, analysis, benchmarking, control and management solutions of the enhancement of energy efficiency for equipment including lighting, iAQ, and HVAC power systems through deployment of IoT and AI.  Our services include energy audit, consultancy, product supply & installation, project management & verification as well as maintenance.  

Besides LED lighting with integrated lighting controls can give proven savings of up to 90% consumption, our EnergysMeter provides an effective measurement to understand true patterns of energy.  This user friendly tool provides a full itemized overview of exactly how-and where-you use energy by area, by building and by type of equipment and helps to take control of energy cost.  
We have our own high performance LED products branded as “New Vision” under the Energys Group ( which has been established in the UK for more than 20 years with clients such as the National Health Service, the Military of Defense, Military of Justice, British Telecom etc. 

In addition to providing sustainable energy-saving services, we also passed the environmental performance assessment certification by the Business Environment Council in 2019 and obtained HSBC’s approval of sustainable business loans to promote sustainable business solutions. It helps our clients to achieve carbon emissions reduction at no cost.

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