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Get 15% discount to attend CREATIVE COLLISION, the social innovation non-conference

Come attend CREATIVE COLLISION 2021 on 18 November, Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong’s third interactive “non-conference” for business, civil society, public sector and social innovation leaders.

Go Green For A Bountiful Together

In building for now and the future, Kerry Properties engages our stakeholders to collaboratively make a positive impact for all.

How would design and technology enable sustainability?

A community-based resource sharing platform is helping to find a way

CLP Commits to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050

CLP’s Climate Vision 2050 has been updated to reflect its strengthened ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

TaKe Foundation – Planting Prosperity in Hong Kong

Working together to make Hong Kong a cleaner place to live with our BAAS (Bamboo as a Service) Concept. TaKe the first step today. Small changes add up to a huge difference.

Did you know 44% of ocean plastic is from packaging?

Sustainabl. designs and supplies ‘truly’ sustainable packaging solutions from responsibly sourced renewable materials helping you make the switch to zero waste packaging solutions

Workplace Waste

We spend much of our waking hours at work. Our individual and collective actions can make a big difference.

ASPIRE: the circular economy marketplace for your business

ASPIRE helps businesses exchange excess waste resources and create new products, reducing waste to landfill.

Gamify Carbon – Empower Science – Commoditize the Commons

CARBON10B X is building an integrated Carbon Trading Platform. We are incubating technology solutions for climate impact that allow issuing high-quality carbon credits to help bridge the emission gap and target full-cycle value chain solutions.

The Road to Zero Carbon Emissions – Microalgae Green Wall with Solar System

At Greentins, we are committed to achieve zero carbon emissions by using our new technology Microalgae with solar system.

Giving value to plastic!

We believe it is our duty to take action where it is most desperately needed. We give plastic waste a value, from 100% plastic waste to powerful products!

PALO IT selected 2021 World Economic Forum New Champion

PALO IT’s acceptance into the 2021 programme is a privilege and responsibility, and also serves as a marker for where we—and technology companies—can make a difference as we sally forth in the coming years.