Our carbon offset technology for your urban development

The transition to incorporate sustainability and carbon sequestration in your buildings and infrastructures present decarbonizing opportunities. And we are here to help.

Paving the way for your own carbon sink in the city

Through our upcoming range of products and services, you can ensure your business as well as your urban developments are answering the global call to tackle climate change. Reducing Upfront Carbon Emissions, replacing embodied carbon with carbon sequestration, offsetting CO2 and GHGs emissions. These initiatives are great for the environment and now, for your ESG credentials too.

Urban Carbon Sequestration (UCS)

Formwork IO’s vision Urban Carbon Sequestration (UCS) is based on a new set of carbon offset technology specifically developed for the built environment. The ambition is to transform our urban landscape into dynamic, carbon sequestering environments through the application of Formwork IO’s innovative building elements that absorb and store carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases during production. With the continued global rise of urbanization, these environments can potentially sequester significant portions of global carbon emissions.

Permanent Mineral Sequestration

Scalable solution that fits in any city

Material Science based approach to Carbon Neutrality

Circularity with Low Embodied Carbon

Digital fabrication

Mass customization with 3D printing

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