Redefining Sustainable Luxury

MM Limited, has grown an ability to facilitate and cater for custom bespoke alternative leather articles and luxury goods, combining the craftsmanship of traditional leatherwork and the innovative combination of BCI cotton and FSC paper. Providing a total solution environmentally through biodegradation and offering complete supply chain expertise commercially.

Our material/product is 100% plastic free, and ISO 14855-1 biodegradability certified.
We do not use any harmful chemicals in our manufacturing process that may cause respiratory or ecological problems, such as chromium. In fact, our production follows the strict guidelines of the restricted substances list.

We have an exciting future ahead for us, we plan on successfully upcycling end of life bed sheets from hotel groups and transforming it into MM Leather. Further reducing waste, extending product life, and all the while increasing production efficiency.

At MM, we challenge the definition of luxury to make sustainability a reality.

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