Register now for Hong Kong ADHD Awareness Week, from October 23-29!

To echo the U.S. ADHD Awareness Month held annually in October, Let’s Talk ADHD and Let’s Talk ADHD Association will organise the ADHD Awareness Week between 23 and 29 October 2022.  The Awareness Week will feature some of the leading experts, professionals, and ADHDers to conduct a series of free webinars and workshops to raise ADHD awareness among ADHDers, professionals, experts, and the general public.  

Since it was first organised, Awareness Week features sessions on ADHDers in workplaces.  These sessions aim to provide Awareness Week participants with opportunities to explore ways to best support ADHDers to excel at work.  This year’s Awareness Week features:

Other ADHD Awareness topics include the latest research on diagnosing ADHD and mental health policy on supporting ADHDers.

As one of the supporting organisations, we would like to invite you to sign up for Awareness Week.  Please sign up by 22 October 2022, you can access all webinar broadcasts and their replays!


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