RESET Carbon Supports Five Manufacturers in the Apparel Industry to Set SBTi Validated Targets

RESET Carbon recently supported five Textile and Apparel companies with their SBTi validation process including New Wide Vietnam, Changzhou New Wide, Huge Bamboo, Flourish Thrive, and Teejay Group. All five had their near-term targets approved, whilst four of them also had net-zero targets approved.

RESET Carbon is seeing both strategic suppliers for international brands engaging in SBTi, reflecting the growing pressure on the industry to decarbonize its supply chain, but also more manufacturers are deciding to join voluntarily. This is a trend gaining momentum among suppliers aiming to strengthen market competitiveness and showcase leadership in climate action.

It is pleasing to see science-based targets being set and approved at a supplier level as it shows that the Apparel industry is taking carbon management and reduction more seriously. These milestones are certainly something to be celebrated, however the hard work still lies ahead. As we start to see governments and brands pay more attention and setting stricter requirements for Scope 3 emission management and reduction, we hope to see more suppliers stepping up to set SBTi validated targets. To learn more about these manufacturers’ commitments.

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