Responsible Real Estate: Social Value

Property owners, developers and occupiers have a unique opportunity to create social value through their real estate.

While the urgent need to accelerate the transition to Net Zero is an absolute priority for real estate investors, developers and corporate occupiers, it must be considered in tandem with broader sustainable development goals.

Addressing the ‘S’ (Social) alongside the ‘E’ (Environmental) considerations is a unique opportunity to maximize return on investment and to future-proof assets while delivering lasting positive change for communities and cities companies operate and invest in.

JLL believes that only a purpose-driven, integrated approach to ESG can drive long-term value and net-positive impact for all stakeholders of the built environment.

About our research

We surveyed over 800 corporate decision makers across 12 countries globally

Organizations categorized as ‘Market Leaders’ are among the most mature in our survey population (scoring above 71 points). They have clear ambitions to drive social value through their real estate and have already implemented specific social value targets. Carbon emissions reduction is already a part of their corporate sustainability strategy or corporate real estate strategy.

To find out more about how organizations can maximize their environmental and social impact through their real estate.

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