Rethinking Built Environment with BEAM Plus

Upholding the vision of a sustainable community and a green liveable built environment, the BSL is committed to administering and developing the BEAM Plus Assessment Tools which offers a comprehensive set of performance criteria for environmental sustainability covering planning, design, construction, commissioning, fitting out, management, operation and maintenance of a building or a built environment.

One of the Most Widely Adopted Voluntary Green Building Labelling Schemes

Tailor-made for the high-rise, high-density built environment of the sub-tropical climate in Hong Kong, BEAM Plus is one of the most widely used voluntary green building labelling schemes on a per capita basis globally. Recognised and supported by the Government and industry players, the number of registered projects had exceeded 2,000 as of April 2022. The tools include BEAM Plus New Buildings, BEAM Plus Existing Buildings, BEAM Plus Interiors, BEAM Plus Neighbourhood and BEAM Plus Data Centres.

BEAM Plus Benefits Go Beyond Green

The certification of BEAM Plus not only encourages the industry to adopt green practices, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, and meet the Sustainable Development Goals, but also reduces operation costs in long term. BEAM Plus can guarantee building quality and accelerate sustainability transformation in the built environment, and most importantly, safeguard the health and well-being of everyone in the community.

Rethinking Green Building Assessments with iBEAM

To facilitate the BEAM Plus submissions by enhancing efficiency and accuracy while reduce carbon emission in paperless workflow, iBEAM, an assessment automation system developed by the BSL was launched in 2021. The green building cloud data platform would turn into a data warehouse for the prediction of green building development trends and making visionary suggestions for implementing sustainable development in the industry.

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