SGS Drives Hong Kong’s Low-carbon Future with Professional Supports for Hydrogen Development

Hydrogen, acclaimed as the “ultimate energy” of the 21st century, is currently recognized as the most ideal environmentally friendly energy source. With global efforts to promote low-carbon emission reduction, hydrogen development has become a key focus for governments worldwide. Recently, SGS hydrogen expert Ray Zhao had the honor of being invited to the 4th Hydrogen Economy Forum to share related insights. The event aimed to promote wider adoption of hydrogen energy in Hong Kong and achieve carbon neutrality goals.

During the forum, in addition to discussing topics related to hydrogen equipment safety standards and development, Ray also shared various hydrogen projects his team has been involved in, including hydrogen production companies, storage and transportation enterprises, and research and development facilities. SGS has successfully leveraged the experience gained from these projects, along with international hydrogen-related standards and comprehensive testing facilities, to establish a hydrogen testing and certification program. This program ensures that companies promoting hydrogen development worldwide can meet international safety standards.

SGS will continue to utilize over 20 years of relevant experience to provide over hundred services in testing, verification, and consulting for the hydrogen industry chain, which is related to ISO 22734, ISO 19880, IEC 62282 standards. This will ensure that Hong Kong can have a safe and reliable hydrogen development and assist in achieving long-term carbon neutrality goals.

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