Smart and Automated Waste Management

The first automated refuse collection system (ARCS) was invented in Sweden by ENVAC in 1961. Since then, ENVAC has developed the technology to adapt to local standards of over 16 countries and completed over 800 projects worldwide. ENVAC is now the undisputed global market leader for ARCS.

ARCS can reduce refuse transport traffic by 90%, save energy consumption by 67% and decrease human costs by 90%. According to the comprehensive study of foreign research institutions, the total costs of ARCS is more than 50% lower than traditional method. The development of ARCS system significantly has improved urban environment and created a cleaner, more low carbon city with quality life.

ARCS collects refuse simply by air in a totally enclosed environment. It is an advanced, reliable, environmentally way of waste collection. The system is highly efficient and largely to eliminate the secondary pollution of waste. It serves 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is available always to the users. At the same time, the system can significantly save labor costs, reduce waste transport traffic. The system is flexible and the terminal can be designed according to the needs of individual projects. They can be built above ground, semi-ground or completely underground, They can also be combined with integrated service corridor if necessary.

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