Sweden innovation in waste management for sustainability

Sweden recycles an astonishing 99 percent of household waste!

The percentage of household waste recycled has increased from 38 percent in 1975 to 99 percent as of 2019. Besides the citizen’s care for the environment, sophisticated collection techniques like the Envac Pneumatic Waste Collection System “PWCS” has all contributed. 

Today, Sweden is the most sustainable city in the world. 

According to the Swedish government, 4.6 million tonnes of household waste were managed in 2020 with a population of 10.3 million. 

In contrast, Hong Kong has 4.15 million tonnes of waste disposed to Landfill and 1.84 million tonnes recyclable recovered in Municipal Solid Waste or approximate 31% is recycled in 2021 per statistics. According to the government, the need for waste reduction is imminent as the city’s landfills are expected to reach capacity in the coming years. 

In Asia, Korea has mandated the collection of food waste like Sweden. In Sejong city, the government is integrating Envac’s system within the fabric of city’s urban infrastructure with the ambition to become the country’s second largest administrative city after Seoul. 

In Singapore, PWCS is required for all new development with 500 or more residential dwelling units since 2018. Punggol Northshore is Singapore’s first “smart” public housing. Envac PWCS is chosen for its automated operation to keep environment clean and patterned volume tracking of waste and recycles. Singapore is targeted for 70% recycling rate by 2030.

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