The Good Cup TM

The Good CupTM is an award-winning & cutting-edge sustainable paper cup featuring an integrated lid that folds and locks into place effortlessly, eliminating the need for plastic. It is produced using the same machines as those used for traditional paper cups, and because no plastic lids are required, switching to The Good CupTManslates into a 30% reduction on storage space, transportation volume and carbon footprint. In other words, a substantial cost savings.

Another key advantage of The Good CupTM is that it allows for a superior drinking experience. The secure lid locking (haptic response) and spill-proof design is a welcoming feature for both baristas and consumers, while the curved design aligns with the mouth’s contour to ensure the spout is always positioned perfectly in relation to the face and mouth.

With over one million tonnes of plastic waste generated annually from the 500 billion single-use plastic cups manufactured globally, consumers are looking for ways to eliminate contributions to the growing environmental crisis worldwide. The Good CupTM is more relevant now than ever as the race to combat climate change grows ever more urgent. The idea of The Good CupTM is especially appropriate with its integrated paper lid, as it effectively bids farewell to the need for single use plastic lids forever.

It is our mission to protect the planet by helping brand owners, manufacturers and distributors in the food and beverage industry to meet their sustainability goals while elevating the consumer experience in order to increase brand loyalty and reduce cost.

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