The Harbour School and Lifewire Revitalise Tai Tam Tuk Raw Water Pumping Station Staff Quarters Compound into Eco School Campus

The Harbour School (THS) and the school’s partner Lifewire join hands to honour Hong Kong’s cultural history with the ‘e.a.r.t.h. Project’, breathing new life to the century-old Tai Tam Tuk Raw Water Pumping Station Staff Quarters Compound monuments under the Batch VI of Revitalisation Scheme from the HKSAR Government. The site will be re-imagined as an early years campus for THS, a K to Grade 12 international school well known for its world-class marine science program and inclusive ethos. Named the Earth Campus, it will provide approximately 150 places for children aged 3-8 (from PN – K3 initially).

With its proximity to the Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail featuring Hong Kong’s rich waterworks, architectural and engineering history, the Earth Campus will also serve as an open space for education, leisure and cultural activities for the public, including guided tours, nature-related activities, wellbeing programmes, arts and music events. A Water Gallery displaying the history of the water supply in Hong Kong and the historical significance of the monuments.

The campus design will take into account the principle of “minimum intervention” and “reversibility” to preserve all characters defining elements of the monuments.
A core component of THS Earth campus is the emphasis on the environment with the incorporation of sustainable materials, design and practice where possible which will include solar panels and grey water recycling. Extensive grounds will provide nature-based and outdoor educational opportunities for all THS students and the public.

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