The Ongoing Evolution of Sustainable Business 2023 Trends Report

Dr Robin Kennish, Director Corporate Sustainability & Climate Change – ERM
Jose Luis Sanchez, Principal Consultant, Mergers & Acquisitions – ERM

We can expect that some of the developments in 2023 will have deep consequences globally for several years. Particularly when related to energy, food security and migration and derived from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. These issues will continue to dramatically transform global geopolitical and economic dimensions. This transformation is also impacting Sustainability in different directions.

Companies, governments, and consumers will need to re-assess the role of sustainability in their strategies, decisions, and priorities. Some market participants might reduce their budget and investment into sustainability and prioritize profits, but there will be others who will accelerate their transition towards sustainability to mitigate imminent risks and capture opportunities. Regardless of different opinions, ESG is now at the center stage of the debate, and this will continue being the norm going forward.

The 2023 Trends Report: The Ongoing Evolution of Sustainable Business just released by The SustainAbility Institute by ERM identifies ten key trends shaping sustainable business and the corporate actions are likely to evolve in relation to each trend:

1. Further integration of ESG concepts into the ways companies conduct business
2. Expectations for valuing human capital continue to grow
3. Energy transition acceleration to respond to climate change
4. The nature agenda as a top priority and recognition of linkages between biodiversity and climate
5. Building sustainable & resilient supply chains as priority
6. Development of strategies to enable sustainable consumption & production
7. Technological advancements applied to sustainability
8. Increased interest in fundamental rights and DEI practices, and expansion of issuance of social-related bonds
9. Prioritization of ESG themes derived from disclosure proposals and reassessment of geopolitical risks impacts
10. Increased alignment towards stakeholder capitalism

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