TMS.SITE – Human-centered performance workwear for Industrial Athletes

Since 2018, TMS.SITE has been conducting field research to find the best fabrics and silhouettes for high-temperature work environments. In Hong Kong, more than 50% of outdoor workers have reported heat-related illnesses. Traditional workwear, featuring heavy canvas materials and baggy silhouettes, is ineffective in hotter climates.

It’s time for Change.

In addition to providing functional and comfortable workwear for individual workers, TMS.SITE also offers B2B services aimed at improving the working conditions of employees in construction and decoration companies. For example, 家塗飾壁, a family-run home renovation company based in Taiwan, purchased pants from TMS.SITE to ensure their team felt fresh and confident for a group photo featuring their collaboration with graffiti artist SEAZK. This initial connection led them to become one of the first customers to purchase TMS.SITE Uniforms with the added Logo Placement service.

At TMS.SITE, commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect:

Sustainable fabrics: Cooperates with a supplier which collects plastic bottles in >mainland China.

Circular Design: Performs virtual fittings via 3D design software to reduce sampling waste and will soon be introducing a workwear repair service.

Functionality and Safety: Ergonomic designs allow wearers to perform their duties with increased mobility and ease while minimizing the risk of injury. Every product has been extensively field tested.

Community: Aims to inspire a change in both internal and external perceptions as well as build an inclusive global community of industrial professionals by sharing grassroots stories.

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