Urban Air Design, a Partner to Walk the Extra Mile in Your Sustainability Road Map

The power of sustainable storytelling is about crafting a compelling story and a strong visual identity in the most relatable and authentic way, from your company to your stakeholder. Narratives and designs work if they manifest your purpose, goals and actions while resonating with the recipient. At Urban Air Design, we have been crafting sustainable strategies, narratives and identities for over 20 years, spanning from all sectors and all companies size and geography. What sets us genuinely apart is the care we put into each project by delivering what matters to each corporation. We love embarking every time onto a new journey, listening, sharing ideas and insights, understanding different expectations and ambitions to finally deliver impactful outputs that suit client’s brief.

Till we meet in person at booth D07 we invite you to visit our corporate website www.urbanairdesign.com and discover more about us, our portfolio and what we love to do. And if you wish experience our key sustainable initiative, please check www.minigreenyheroes.com and get to know 17 mini heroes! (No more spoiler but SDG17 has something to do with it!!)

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