Weber ECO Tile Adhesive

Weber is loyal to its “We Care” brand signature and constantly focuses on its customers’ well-being. The newly developed tile adhesives: Weber ECO tile adhesive series, a Comfort Engineered adhesive that improves physical comfort and technical performance, to meet the needs of both applicators and consumers seeking solutions that help protect the environment.

Efflorescence is the migration of a Calcium hydroxide to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating with a powdery substance on surfaces of concrete, masonry walls and floors. This Weber ECO tile adhesive complies with the anti-efflorescence standard JC/T 1024 and prevents tiles and stones from efflorescence. Its exclusive patented formula using new raw materials sourced from the recovery of industrial by-products to reduce CO2 emissions also reduces the chance of efflorescence by limiting the formation of calcium hydroxide.

* Complied with C2TE S1 class (weberset TF ECO plus)
* Complied with anti-efflorescence standard JC/T 1024
* Interior and exterior tile fixing on walls and floors
* Extra adhesion under exterior weather conditions
* Effortless application

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