2023 Brochure released!

International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD)

International Chamber of Sustainable Development (ICSD) is an NGO and a Learned Society based in Hong Kong with a branch in the U.K.

We have launched the first ESG certification program in Hong Kong, called Certified ESG Planner (CEP®). This program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of ESG development, allowing them use our signature trademarked 5-step methodology CEPAR to tackle the pressing ESG issues faced by organisations. Currently, we have nearly 1,000 CEP®

Our sustainability goals for 2023:

  • To foster greater collaboration among ICSD’s members, providing additional resources, tools, or training with an aim to further enhance their understanding of sustainable practices
  • To enhance ESG knowledge and sharing between the ICSD HK and it’s branch in UK
  • To publish a book by ICSD
  • To further promote CEP® to mainland China, employers and a wider community

 Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

ICSD aims to accelerate sustainable development in Hong Kong by our activities include:

  • Education and training
  • Certification
  • Initiatives and campaigns
  • Commentary on public policies
  • Research and publication
  • Projects to support sustainable development (environmental and social aspects)
  • International and local conferences and seminars