2023 Brochure released!

Drink Without Waste

The Drink Without Waste initiative is led by the Single-Use Beverage Packaging Working Group, a coalition of beverage manufacturers and importers, waste handlers and recyclers, institutions, retailers and NGOs in Hong Kong. The Working Group seeks to reduce the volume of used beverage packaging going to waste by 70 to 90%. For more information, please visit https://drinkwithoutwaste.org/

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

Drink Without Waste fully supports the Environmental Protection Department and an effective Producer Responsibility Scheme which minimizes the impact on consumer choice, cost and convenience. To protect the environment effectively, we advocate to:

1. Cover all packaging materials

2. Starting with a lower rebate

3. Build a collection network designed for Hong Kong

4. Operate the scheme via a professional and not-for-profit platform