We are an Asia-Pacific’s communications agency focused on promoting and supporting sustainability and low-carbon lifestyles for the well-being of people, community and the environment, by offering purpose-driven digital, social, branding, and CSR communications solutions to corporates across Asia-Pacific.

The ultimate end result is to achieve and help others to achieve sustainable growth until it becomes immeasurable, and to be the earth’s most dependable companion by making every business decision innovative and socially responsible.

Our Sustainability Goals for 2021:

  • As a sustainability-focused communications agency, we are keen on exploring any possibility of injecting sustainability elements into our clients’ campaigns upon their understanding and mutual agreement.
  • We aim to enhance the public awareness of UN SDGs and alleviate the social issues through digital, social, branding, and CSR communications solutions in Hong Kong. SDGs that we mainly focus on 2021: Goal 10: Reduced inequalities Goal; 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities; Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.
  • Ultimately, we aim to inspire and empower corporates to meet their SDGs, and also connect local social enterprises with corporates and public in Hong Kong.