Ethical Supply Chain Program

The Ethical Supply Chain Program (ESCP) was founded in 2004 to oversee the implementation of the ICTI Code of Business Conduct across factories within the toy industry. The organisation puts the wellbeing of workers at its core and has developed a number of assessments, tools and initiatives which enable harmony in the workforce and promote good business practices.


Our sustainability goals for 2024:

To deliver safe, ethical workplaces for workers in the global supply chain, ESCP strives to foster industry collaboration, impacts, increase efficiencies and reduce costs for businesses. We have set the following sustainability goals for 2024-2025:

  1. Invite more businesses to collaborate in our Family Friendly Factory Program, supporting factory workers with carer responsibilities. Through improving family-related workplace policies and providing childcare solutions the program not only offers business benefits for factories, but promotes gender equality and the development of children.
  2. Promote our Gender Equality Program to businesses. A scalable program that addresses identified needs for gender equality initiatives in factories, through its Gender Equality Handbook, providing an educational video series, and hosting a variety of capability-building workshops. The Program helps suppliers promote good business, empower female workers, and achieve gender equality.
  3. Empower worker voice and enable businesses to effectively operate and report on their due diligence requirements. Through our Worker Helpline we provide free, confidential advice and information to workers. the Helpline acts as a confidential grievance mechanism and communication bridge enabling buyers and suppliers to identify issues on the ground and prevent them from developing into more serious matters of concern.

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