Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI) was established in 1960 to promote and foster the interests of Hong Kong’s industrial and business communities. Representing manufacturing and associated businesses from 32 industry groups, FHKI brings together like-minded entrepreneurs to spearhead the advancement of Hong Kong’s industry. Through policy advocacy, professional business support services and cross-sector collaboration, FHKI strives to build a dynamic industrial ecosystem to take forward transformation and re-industrialisation of Hong Kong’s economy, sparkling new business opportunities and charting diverse paths for the younger generation.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

The ESG Committee was established in November 2021 with the aims to strengthen participation of the industry in achieving Hong Kong’s target in reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 and support industrial members in putting ESG in practice through capacity building, knowledge exchange and cultivating industrial ESG talents.

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