Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association Ltd.

Established in 1994, Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association is a non-profit organization representing the shipping and logistics industry’s interests. It acts as a collective voice at official and government levels. The association actively sets industry standards, promotes best practices, and offers educational courses to enhance Hong Kong’s professional practices and service levels.

Our sustainability goals for 2024:

Mission & Objectives

– To act as a common platform for dialogue among members and offer a channel for members to better understand the development and trends in the market, thereby, improving their operation and business knowledge and expertise, awareness of market dynamics.

– To disseminate information about the market and the industry, and to organize industry or industry-related training for its members to help raise their professional standing, efficiency and competitive edge.

– To organize and coordinate activities and other services that help to enhance mutual relations among business, practitioners, subject matter expert with correct relevance among members, as well as between the membership and other bodies, associations, professionals and governments.

– To solicit expert opinions affecting the industry and the business from members and other interested parties, to liaise with other professional bodies and be the collective representative of its members on industry issues.

– To promote, in general, the maritime, port, shipping, logistics & supply chain industry and help identify opportunities in new markets.

Products, Services & Solutions:

  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Transport/Mobility