Hong Kong Sustainable Aviation Fuel Coalition

The HKSAFC engages stakeholders in developing Hong Kong’s position as a regional and global hub for SAF by promoting the introduction of SAF industry-related support policies to the HKSAR Government. The HKSAFC works collectively with all relevant stakeholders across the value chain, including practitioners including fuel suppliers, airlines and decarbonisation professionals.


Our sustainability goals for 2024:

HKSAFC’s sustainability goals and decarbonisation opportunities:

  • Supporting the Government to introduce industry-related policies of SAF;
  • Working with SAF supply chain stakeholders to accelerate its development in Hong Kong;
  • Improving accessibility and affordability of SAF supply to ensure long-term development and
  • Strengthening SAF demand through corporate engagement on decarbonisation targets;
  • Encouraging airline uptake of SAF across flight portfolios to reduce carbon emissions;
  • Supporting cutting-edge research and development on SAF production, technology and
    certification with regional cooperation;
  • Mainstreaming sustainable finance initiatives to support SAF development;
  • Establishing a platform for stakeholders to share expertise and best practices to enable
    mainstream usage of SAF.


Solutions Showcase:

  • Efficient Energy & Utilities
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainability Services
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Transport/Mobility


General Enquiry Email Address: pradmin@bec.org.hk