The Alliance for Sustainable Schools

The Alliance for Sustainable Schools (TASS) is a network of schools working together to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable future through our shared commitment to the principles and pledges of the Sustainable Schools Charter.

As a community of practice, The Alliance connects, aligns and amplifies the efforts and know-how of sustainability practitioners including students in schools around the region.

We leverage our collective influence and partner with innovators to catalyze systems change in four key areas: sustainable school food, sustainable school buses, sustainable school uniforms and sustainable school buildings.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • To have 100 school principals sign the Sustainable Schools Charter and become members of TASS.
  • To raise the profile of sustainability in schools throughout APAC and the middle east.
  • To further develop programs to catalyse systems change in the sustainability of the following services to schools – school buildings, school buses, school uniforms and school food.

Our initiative in accelerating sustainable development in Hong Kong:

TASS is working with partners to develop and pilot innovative programs that are focussed on systemic change in the sustainability of services provided to schools. For example –

  1. On the issue of school uniform waste, last year TASS partnered with Retykle to pilot a trading platform for second hand school uniforms that aims to increase 10x the sales of second hand school uniforms.
  2. On food, TASS also worked with students at Kellett to lobby Sodexo (their school food provider) to provide more sustainable school food in the canteen.
  3. On school buses, TASS is working with ASB Biodiesel and the Clean Air Network to lobby school bus companies to use biodiesel made from waste – a nearly zero carbon fuel, or to start using electric school buses on some routes (like Shenzhen does).
  4. On school buildings, this year we plan to start working with HK GBC and leading architects and school building committees to significantly reduce the carbon footprint (operating and embodied) of new school buildings.