Greek Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

We are the voice of Greece in Hong Kong. The Greek Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong contributes to the economic and cultural growth of Hong Kong and Greece by promoting, encouraging and building economic, business, cultural and educational exchanges. We aim to strengthen the ties that bind our communities, creating a platform for dynamic collaboration and mutual benefit.


Our sustainability goals for 2024:

  1. Community Engagement: Foster community partnerships and engagement in sustainability initiatives, such as supporting local environmental projects, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to community development.
  2. Employee Well-being: Prioritize employee well-being and satisfaction through initiatives such as flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and training on sustainable practices.
  3. Sustainable Events: Organize and participate in events that adhere to sustainable practices, such as minimizing waste, promoting eco-friendly transportation, and incorporating sustainable materials etc.
  4. Biodiversity Conservation: Support initiatives that contribute to biodiversity conservation and habitat protection, both locally and globally.
  5. Education and Advocacy: Engage in educational initiatives to raise awareness about sustainability issues, and advocate for sustainable policies and practices within the business community and beyond.


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