People & Purpose Theatre

Building Bridges: Engaging Talents from Diverse Backgrounds

Day 2 : 14:10 – 15:00

What if we can transform “The Great Reshuffle” into “The Great Return”? Building on SVhk’s “jobcation” pilot for previously stay-at-home mothers, this panel delves into inspiring models to bridge diverse talent pools and purpose-driven corporates to close Hong Kong’s talent gaps.

Learning Points

  • Returning talent to share first-hand experience and learnings throughout the journey
  • The role of employment in achieving individual empowerment and ensuring sustainable growth
  • Corporate employers’ role in facilitating jobcation and building an inclusive workforce as a business and ESG strategy

Post-event Actions

  • Understand the challenges that returnees face after a prolonged career break: what are the needs and skills do returnees possess?
  • Rethinking talent acquisition strategies to access to more local, under tapped talents: how can your organisation respond to the changing local job market and engage talents from diverse demographics 
  • Reimagine talent engagement strategies to build a more inclusive workforce


Ivy Leung

General Manager

Ivy started her career in hotel, petrochemical company and public media organization as an in-house trainer focusing on management and customer service training. She is a highly experienced human resources and total quality management professional with 30 years of experience in the field. She has worked across various industries included Jewellery, Fintech and hotels; and has a proven track record of spearheading the development and deployment of company vision, creating a communicative culture, and caring workplace in alignment with people and culture strategies.

She is also committed to promoting good management practices and has been appointed by the Hong Kong Government to be a Cross-Industry Training Advisory Committee Member in the Human Resources Management Sector of the Qualifications Framework. She is also a member of the Board of Examiners for the Quality Award and Training & Development Awards for the Hong Kong Management Association.
My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I hope to see a strong emphasis on educating and training individuals and organizations about ESG principles, coupled with practical implementation approaches. By prioritizing sustainability education and providing hands-on training, Hong Kong can empower its residents and businesses to embrace ESG practices in a meaningful and impactful way.By promoting awareness, Hong Kong can foster a culture of sustainability and responsible business with purpose.

Sangeeth Aiyappa

Partner, International Tax and Transaction Services – Transfer Pricing

Sangeeth operates under the International Tax and Transactions practice, with a focus on transfer pricing. She is based in Hong Kong, and has international experience from being on long term assignments such as in Taiwan and India. She has over 17 years of experience covering tax policy, planning, implementation and controversy for a broad spectrum of clients across industry sectors. In her role she manages diverse teams within EY and also in her client base.

Speaker at DEI events focused on cultural diversity at both external and EY internal events. Most recently spoke at the Zubin Foundation’s Conference on “Status of Racial Minorities in Hong Kong 2023: Journey to Racial Equality” in May 2023.

Founded the set-up of EY HK’s Cultural Diversity Network, and now plays a key lead role as Co-Chair of this network. This network is aimed at building a culture, both within EY and externally, that prioritizes inclusiveness.

Vivian Gee

Chief Executive Officer

Vivian Gee is CEO of Fair Employment Foundation, which works to drive better migrant labor outcomes across Asia. Previously, she helped Fortune 500 companies with their CSR, ESG, and sustainability strategies. Vivian has also consulted for funders and has developed donor education programs at Stanford’s Center for Philanthropy and Civil Society. In the private sector, Vivian oversaw Temasek’s corporate philanthropic trust, with an endowment then totaling US $1.5B. With respect to the public sector, at the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, Vivian played a key role in launching the first international network of central bank policymakers focused on financial services for the poor. As a Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum, Vivian helped build an international community of social enterprises and fostered collaboration with businesses, governments, and civil society. Vivian holds an MBA from INSEAD and bachelor and master degrees from Stanford University.

Sara Ho

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ms. Sara Ho is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Jebsen Group, with over 20 years of professional experience in human resources.

Since joining Jebsen Group in 2007, Ms. Ho has been instrumental in leading the HR transformation journey, introducing agile operating models, driving HR digitalisation, and introducing “Jebsen’s Employee Lifecycle” to enhance the employee experience. In addition to her HR role, Ms. Ho oversees the development and growth of the Group’s Sustainability framework.

As a member of the Group’s Management Board Committee, Ms. Ho has demonstrated strategic thinking and leadership, driving Jebsen Group’s sustainable business, organizational, and people growth across Greater China.

Pearl Liu

Customer Service Executive

Pearl Liu is a seasoned professional with a wealth of life experience. After dedicating nine years to being a full-time mom and successfully nurturing a happy and harmonious household, she maintained her desire to return to the workforce. She joined Porsche, a division of the Jebsen Group, as a part-time Customer Service Executive, focusing on delivering exceptional service experiences to her clients. Her experience is a testament to her unwavering commitment to professional development, even amidst the pressure of caring for her family. She is passionate about her work and believes that work and family can coexist and mutually contribute to personal growth and happiness.


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