BEC Business Transformation Theatre

Circular Deliveries: Greening Retail Logistics

Day 2 : 13:35 – 14:25

As almost 20% of the retail industry is e-commerce and retail supply chains are vast, as we shift to a more circular economy greening retail logistics is becoming more important. The challenges involved in Hong Kong range from limited space, fragmented waste management due to packaging, high logistics cost as well as changing consumer behaviour. This panel will discuss some of these challenges as well as opportunities that circular and efficient deliveries can offer as part of greening retail logistics.


  • What opportunities are available when greening retails logistics?
  • How do we understand the business case of these opportunities

Post-event Actions

  • Adapt to more efficient and low-emission logistics in retail operations.



Eddie Ng

Partner, ESG Advisory Hong Kong (SAR)

Ms. Ng is the firm’s technical leader of reporting and assurance of non-financial information and has hands-on experience in supporting professionals and clients in interpreting and applying ESG reporting and assurance requirements.

Ms. Ng possesses expertise and local implementation experience across a range of sustainability advisory services to support companies in preparing their ESG reports in compliance with the HKEX ESG Reporting Guide and TCFD recommendations. She has led and participated in various ESG advisory and assurance engagements, e.g. stakeholder engagement, material assessment, ESG strategy formulation and ESG rating enhancement. She is the principal author of the KPMG publication “Climate Change Reporting: Imminent, Challenging & Mandatory – The Opening Moves”, which discusses the key challenges that companies may face in adopting International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)’s proposed climate standard.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Ms. Ng is a reviewer of the HKICPA’s ESG and Corporate Governance Awards since 2018. She was a member of the AASC’s ESG assurance task force and developed guidance on ESG report assurance for the audit profession.
Ms. Ng has a master degree in environmental management. She studied climate-related financial disclosures in her dissertation and researched on the drivers and challenges in implementing the TCFD recommendations in Hong Kong.”

Judy Ho

Swire Coca-Cola HK

Sustainability Lead

Judy Ho is the Sustainability Manager at Swire Coca-Cola HK where she drives sustainability programs and decarbonization actions in the Hong Kong market as outlined in the Swire Coca-Cola 2030 Sustainable Development Strategy. She is also an appointed member of the Environment and Conservation Fund Committee (ECF) by the Chief Executive of HKSAR, where she advises the ECF trustee on the manner and extent of use of the ECF.

Sustainability Goals for 2024:

To achieve genuine circularity by developing packaging solutions that fully incorporate eco-design principles.

Eric Swinton

Founder & CEO

Eric is the founder of V Cycle, a social enterprise that is tackling Hong Kong’s environmental issues on both an ecological and human level. V Cycle provides environmental education to schools, businesses, and the general public on plastic reduction and responsible recycling. At the same time, V Cycle collects different types of plastic waste in Hong Kong and repurpose them into high- value products, while creating job opportunities and caring for elderly waste pickers.

Eric’s career spans over 15 years with experience in recycling, sustainable product development, offshore manufacturing, and new business development, as well as social impact helping vulnerable communities, and as an environmental speaker and educator.

Cerin Yip

ESG Director

Ms. Cerin Yip is the ESG Director of Alibaba Group. Before taking up this position, she was the Senior Legal Counsel. Prior to joining Alibaba, Cerin worked in international law firms and investment banks, specializing in corporate finance transactions, investment and general corporate matters.

Cerin is a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong and England and Wales. She is also a Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA®) of The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies. Cerin holds both Bachelor of Business Administration and Laws from the University of Hong Kong.

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