Sustainable Buildings & Facilities Theatre

Embracing the Future of a Smart Green City: Green Solutions & Materials

Day 1 : 17:05 – 18:00

Learn how green building materials and solutions can help our buildings to become more energy-saving in terms of design, construction and operations, while also ensuring functionality, aesthetics and cost-efficiency.


  • How can developers collaborate with other parties to minimise embodied carbon in construction materials?
  • What are some effective solutions to reduce carbon footprint and enhance energy efficiency in buildings in order to head towards carbon neutrality?

Post-Event Actions

  • Understand the value of green solutions for building projects, such as increasing resilience to the prices of raw materials, reducing carbon emissions and waste production, achieving higher asset valuations, maintaining natural ecosystem services, and creating a positive brand image.
  • Seek further knowledge enhancement in the area of sustainable buildings by attending professional training and / or joining professional bodies such as HKGBC.


Ir K.F. Chan


KF is a specialist in both ends of the temperature scale spanning from CO2 refrigeration and Organic Rankine Cycle to high temperature incineration. He is a fervent hands-on promoter of novel technologies such as big data analytics cum digital twin in energy performance contracts and low carbon construction.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Reducing building energy consumption by 10% every year, through deployment of IoT and AI, until the carbon neutrality target is met.

Steve Lewis

Partner & head of Infrastructure, Major Programmes and Construction advisory

Steve is an experienced and versatile Chartered Surveyor and EY Partner with experience of working with organisations at a strategic, programme and project level in both the private & public sectors in the UK, China, Middle East and AsPac.
Steve has extensive experience advising on a range of fast moving and complex projects in a variety of roles spanning the asset lifecycle and as a lead adviser on a large range of infrastructure and other built asset construction and operation programmes. Steve has held roles in Government, quasi-Government and private sector programmes including the provision of advice in respect of infrastructure digitalisation and technology enabled development and operation amd setting up complex projects.

Ir Nelson Lo

Assistant General Manager – Property Management

Nelson has over 30 years’ working experiences in energy management, green property and sustainability management, construction / project management, engineering design, contracting, operation and maintenance, testing & commissioning of building services systems.

Nelson is the chairperson of ESG Working Sub Committee – Green Building of Towngas ESG Working Committee to look after Towngas ESG developments in Green Buildings.

Nelson has also carried out many significant energy saving projects and implemented new energy saving technology applications in industrial plants, commercial buildings and data centres.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

More and more innovative and smart energy saving and carbon reduction applications in Hong Kong.

Carmen Ng

Deputy General Manager – Sustainability

Carmen Ng is currently the Deputy General Manager – Sustainability of Hang Lung Properties. In her role, she is responsible for the development and implementation of sustainability strategies to deliver sustainability goals and targets through collaboration and partnership with internal and external stakeholders. She also leads the coordination and delivery of the annual Sustainability Report in accordance with local and international reporting standards such as HKEx, GRI, TCFD, and ISSB.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To increase awareness that sustainability is a shared responsibility and to embed this mindset deeply into the DNA of people around us.

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