Change Makers Stage

Fresh Perspectives: Youth-Led and Impact-Driven Advisory

Day 2 : 14:50 – 15:40

Young people are increasingly seeking engagement with industry to gain experience in the business of sustainability, while highlighting the value of future-gen propositions and fresh perspectives to current challenges. Hear from our speakers on how youth-led advisory, through constructive engagements with industry leaders, can inspire action within businesses.


  • The value of youth-led advisory in providing fresh perspectives to well-established industry leaders while nurturing the next generation of sustainability practitioners
  • How youth can engage meaningfully with seasoned sustainability practitioners
  • How youth-driven projects and activism have inspired new initiatives, trends and mindset shifts within industries
  • The opportunities and challenges of setting up shadow boards

Post-Event Actions

  • Brainstorm how your company can engage youth in projects and thus contribute to the nurturing of future sustainability leaders.
  • Rethink how your company and industry can support and benefit from collaborations with youth-led advisory.


Christy Yeung

Head of Fintech and Green Finance Projects

Christy Yeung is Head of Fintech and Green Finance Projects of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, overseeing research projects, talent development initiatives, and industry engagement in the areas of fintech and green finance. Her research interests include fintech and green finance policies and talent development with a focus on filling the talent gaps for Hong Kong’s financial sector.

Adella Budianto

Consulting Director

Adella’s passion for learning shows in her interdisciplinary background, which comprises a mix of environmental engineering, science and literature. Recently graduated, she strives to spread this curiosity-driven mindset in her roles as an ESG Consultant at Alaya, wherein she is the project manager for 8 clients, and Consulting Director at 2041 Hong Kong, in which she promotes sustainability learning through grassroots collaborations and knowledge capacity building within the youth community.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

Educate and empower youth voices. As we must coexist with all climate change impacts for generations to come, our voices should be equipped with the right knowledge and platform to be rightly heard.

Aditi Deodhar

Co-founder & CEO

Aditi is passionate about solving environmental and social challenges while effecting a positive change at scale. Having co-founded an award-winning sustainability startup called Planeteers, she and her team work towards finding a solution to the mounting plastic waste problem in Hong Kong by developing crunchy and tasty edible cutlery. Planeteers HK was born with the purpose of cultivating sustainable and healthy eating habits, and their mission is to completely replace plastic and wooden disposable cutlery, creating a profound impact for Hong Kong’s health and environment in the process.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

Renewable energy at scale; greener, efficient and retrofitted buildings; electric transportation; banks and financial services supporting the transition of both small and large companies to offer more sustainable products and operate sustainably; environmental justice; equality and diversity; waste segregation, recycling and management.

Jasmine Ko

Project Manager

Jasmine has dedicated to social innovation upon graduation by joining Dream Impact, an impact venture network to build and grow Hong Kong’s impact ecosystem. Navigating to policy making and impact measurement as Internet Governance for Impact, she advocates with EcoInternet Pilot Study Report- carbon footprint on Internet and its impact on the environment. Jasmine oversees 150+ multi-stakeholders and hosts annual Asia Pacific regional Internet Governance Forum with 20+ Asian countries.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

I want to see everyone at all ages, genders, economic status be ready for a more sustainable Hong Kong. Everyone is able to calculate their carbon footprint and improve with actions

Sophie You

Principal Consultant

Sophie is the Principal Consultant at RESET Carbon. She has over a decade of experience in dealing with supply chain environmental related issues. She works with RESET senior management team on corporate growth strategy and leads the supply chain practice across Asia.

Before joining RESET Carbon, Sophie was the Head of Sustainability & Sourcing at a French lingerie company, where she led the development and execution of the brand’s sustainability and sourcing strategies. Prior to this Sophie spent a decade at the iconic American retailer, Target, transforming them into an industry leader. She spearheaded their public facing water strategy and played an instrumental role across their fabric development, supply chain and responsible sourcing teams.

She graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion & Textiles and also earned her PhD degree at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

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