Sustainable Finance & Supply Chains Theatre

Opening Welcome: Rethinking Supply Chains

Day 2 : 10:30 – 10:35

Businesses are stepping up to scrutinise suppliers’ sustainability responsibilities, alongside the development of technology for increased traceability and credibility. It has become imperative for companies to respond to changing stakeholder demands, and innovate to address systemic risks, reduce waste, enhance transparency and improve resilience across entire value chains.


Rethinking Supply Chains will share leading practices and emerging tools and solutions for the sustainability imperative – from supplier financing, manufacturing and logistics, compliance and accountability, to the social license to operate.


Tim Edmunds

Sustainability – Strategy & Transformation, Partner

Tim is the lead for PwC’s ESG Strategy & Sustainable Value Chain Advisory located in Hong Kong. Tim has over 18 years consulting and industry experience, focusing on consumer goods. Tim is also involved in events for AMCHAM’s Apparel, Footwear & Supply Chain committee.

Recent projects include a recycling network design for leading sports brand (converting used wares into new product), holistic ESG strategy for a leading sourcing organisation and circularity strategy for design to end of life

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Hong Kong is in the best position to be a leader in sustainable supply chains. As a sourcing hub, I hope that HK embraces the opportunities in front of it.

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