Net Zero & Nature Positive Theatre (Keynote)

Advancing Operations and Accounting for Biodiversity in Business

Day 1 : 16:40 – 17:30

When Hong Kong businesses are still grappling with their carbon management agendas, how can they also develop a meaningful biodiversity agenda and create transparency in an area that was until now largely the domain of scientists? Fuller engagement will result in a rising demand for consistent and robust tools to advance the uptake of biodiversity in financial and operational decision making. What are some real-world applications of such metrics and tools in mainstreaming biodiversity in business decisions? What have we learned from business engagement on carbon in terms of priority setting, tools and partnerships that we can apply to our biodiversity approach? Hear from leading practitioners and tools providers how the biodiversity agenda can be advanced in more manageable ways.


  • How can working with biodiversity and climate agendas, and with the frameworks offered by TNFD and TNCD (the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures), be better integrated?
  • How can businesses work with supply chain partners, competitors, academia, government bodies, local communities and other stakeholders in all stages of biodiversity risk and opportunity assessment, strategy design and implementation?
  • As financial institutions turn their attention towards natural capital and its influences and dependencies on investment activities, how can they capitalize on their unique role and guide companies towards becoming nature positive?

Post-Event Actions

  • Recognise that the sustainability transition of businesses is multi-faceted, requires addressing both biodiversity and climate change, and must result in mainstreaming biodiversity considerations in all levels of business operations and investments.


Debra Tan

Director & Head

Tan heads CWR, a non-profit that aims to “mainstream” water and climate risks into financial decision-making and corporate strategies. Today, CWR’s work on the assessing and valuing risk exposure to rising freshwater scarcity to coastal threats, is highlighted as tools and useful resources under the IFRS’s CDSB Application Guidance for Water-Related Disclosures and feature in Palgrave MacMillan textbooks. Tan is also a contributing author to the latest IPCC 6th Assessment Report: Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Adapting to rising water risks in a new climate future

Sam Fleming


Sam Fleming is a co-founder of Earth Blox, which helps organisations accelerate their sustainability transition with climate and nature analytics. Earth Blox gives users satellite image insights at scale to measure and report impacts on nature and climate risk. Map and analyse key metrics for biodiversity, water and carbon across forestry, agriculture, and financed and insured assets, worldwide.

Lisa Genasci

Managing Director, Sustainable Finance

Lisa is a Managing Director for ADM Capital Climate and Sustainability Advisor for the ADM Capital direct lending funds, an innovative philanthropic vehicle established to support critical research and impact-driven approaches to promoting environmental conservation in Asia. Lisa has also helped lead private credit manager ADM Capital’s ESG integration, heads the ADMC ESG Committee and sits as an observer to the ADMC Investment Advisory Committee.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To push for change across some of our most intransigent environmental challenges: Our depleting oceans, the nexus between forestry and development, air quality and public health, the intersections among food, energy and water.

Crystal Geng

Asia ESG Research Lead

Crystal GENG Yichen

Asia ESG Research Lead, BNP Paribas Asset Management
Crystal joined the ESG research team of BNPP AM in the beginning of 2023 and focusing on ESG integration in all asset classes and research in Asia. She is responsible for conducting localized ESG research and engagement under BNPP AM’s global ESG framework. Crystal is also responsible for implementing the global sustainability strategy with our Asian business partners such as JVs.
She has 10+ years diverse sustainability experience. Preciously she was the Principle ESG expert and head of ESG Strategy in Ping An Insurance Group. Crystal has also worked in EY as ESG consultant, S&P Global as the Head of China ESG solution. She has participated in establishment of several ESG regulations in China and overseas.
Crystal holds MBA in Finance from Cornell and Tsinghua University. She graduated from National University of Singapore, majoring in sustainable development.

Fitri Hasibuan

Program Senior Director

Fitri Hasibuan has over 18 years of experience in environmental work. Before joining Konservasi Indonesia, she has managed various projects in Conservation International since 2013 following the completion of her Master’s study in environmental management at the University of Queensland, Australia. While in Conservation International, she had experience in managing Sustainable Landscape Partnerships (SLP) with a USD 20 million portfolio for a five-year period as well as the Conservation Stewardship Global initiative. She also managed program portfolio in Asia Pacific countries, including India, Fiji, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Previously, Fitri worked in several NGOs and humanitarian organizations focusing on sustainable agriculture, community development, and climate change projects.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Finance to climate actions for developing nations in Asia increased by 20%

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