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Our Future Energy Fix: Rethinking Strategies and Alternative Value Chains

Day 1 : 12:20 – 13:10

As commercial, industrial, domestic and other forms of electricity consumption continue to grow, decarbonisation of the energy sector remains of highest priority in order for the city to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.  What opportunities exist for Hong Kong to diversify its energy mix to include more clean energy sources, and fund and procure local renewable energy technologies?


  • As hydrogen, waste-to-energy and other new energies emerge to fulfil their potential as clean energy sources, what are the opportunities and challenges – technological, financial, geopolitical – of adoption in Hong Kong?
  • What are the partnerships, technological, regulatory and investment support required for viability and scaling up cost-efficient, high quality solutions?
  • Case studies from the transportation, buildings and additional sectors

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insights on the latest technological, regulatory and investment trends for developing renewable and clean energy sources in Hong Kong.
  • Consider how your company and industry can step up decarbonisation ambitions in tandem with the city’s transition to cleaner energy sources.


Peter Thompson

East Asia Energy Business Leader

Peter Thompson is a Director and East Asia Energy Business Leader for Arup based in Hong Kong. He has more than 35 years of experience in the management of the design and implementation of major energy and infrastructure works projects across a wide variety of overseas countries. In line with the firm’s strategy to facilitate the development of sustainable future outcomes, he has a focus on works that lead to positive climate impacts, improved resilience and net-zero solutions.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To facilitate and enable the implementation of a hydrogen economy for the city.

Vincent De Givry


Vincent is a specialist of energy transition for corporate and industries. He is working for 1 year at Blunomy. Before that he was working 30 years in industries as chemical (Solvay), aeronautic (Airbus) and automotive (Tier1), with different roles of which marketing director. He has a passion in analysing possibilities, switching business model, building coalition, working in details the challenges to engage successful decarbonisation. He has strong expertise in hydrogen and regulation evolution.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To support Hong Kong to build a solid energy transition roadmap, quickly activable and driving the path to put the city as a global leader, a green reference.

David Fung

General Manager – Product Planning & Distribution

David Fung brings decades of experience in Product Planning leadership positions, primarily in the global automotive industry. David is currently the General Manager – Product Planning & Distribution of Inchcape Greater China. Through his extensive market knowledge, David is responsible in informing the planning and design of new models, tailoring to the needs of markets in Hong Kong and Macao

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

HK should consider to align with the Mainland and adopting a more balace approach in the development of alternative energy vehicles, on top of EV e.g hydrogen.

Peipei Gao

China Management Consulting Lead

Peipei Gao is AFRY’s China Management Consulting Lead based in Beijing. With 18 years of experience in energy and utilities sectors, she is a recognised expert in cross-border energy sector mergers and acquisitions. At AFRY, Peipei leads a team of China power market experts to advise multinational companies and global investors on renewables sector transactions. With in-depth power market insights, she also actively works with corporates looking to achieve ambitious climate targets, helping businesses chart an actionable path to address wicked sustainability problems against China’s complex and fast-changing policy and market landscape. She most recently worked with a global apparel retailer to identify renewable electricity procurement solutions for 200+ suppliers across China.

Prior to joining AFRY, she was Investment Director at CITIC Construction overseeing the company’s overseas investment, and before that she had held positions at Aramco, EDF, and BP.

Rory Meng

Vice General Manager

Vice General Manager of Asset Integrity Management, Industrial Services & Cybersecurity. Ten years of professional experience in machinery manufacturing, automotive, energy and chemical industry, lithium battery production and other industries of product and production safety, serving more than 30 related manufacturers and leading the completion of security management system construction services for more than 8 enterprises.

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