Change Makers Stage

Perspectives from Sweden: Develop Sustainability Leaders for Tomorrow

Day 2 : 14:00 – 14:50

Sweden has long been at the forefront of sustainability drive. Future-minded business leaders have employed socially responsible business which has made Swedish companies internationally attractive. This session will share how Swedish companies develop sustainable leadership and cultivate talents.


  • How Swedish executives have come to the forefront in corporate sustainability?
  • How Swedish companies cultivate talents in sustainability?

Post-event Actions for Delegates

  • Gain insights into the strategies and practices that Swedish companies adopt to attract and develop talents/leaders in sustainability


Karine Hirn

Partner & Chief Sustainability Officer

Karine Hirn is a partner and co-founder of East Capital Group. Born in France and based in Hong Kong since 2013, Karine is Chief Sustainability Officer for the East Capital Group and Chairperson of the Luxembourg-domiciled management company and fund structures. Previously, Karine was China Chief Representative in Shanghai and CEO of East Capital in Sweden. Karine is a French Trade Advisor and honorary member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong. She is also an advisor to the Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University in Boston. She is a frequent commentator on emerging markets and sustainable investing in international conferences and media. Prior to East Capital, she worked in Russia, in the banking industry and as a financial consultant in Nizhny-Novgorod and Moscow.

Kim Hellström

Green Investment Project Manager

Kim has been setting the long-term climate strategy for H&M Group. He has a passion for transparency and communication, working against corporate greenwashing.

Kim is committed to work with people’s mindset and ambitions to steer decision making. Recently he moved to our production organization to set up our green investment organization and finance our suppliers transition away from fossil fuel.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

Hong Kong and the region around it really have the opportunity to show leadership through massive investments in renewables such as solar and wind and my hope would be that leadership is shown.

Emmanuel Jupet

Managing Director

Emmanuel Jupet, Managing Director, Region APAC North, Volvo Buses, has been a driving force within the Volvo Group for 27 years. As an engineer, he is committed to ensuring that the products/services he works with create a positive impact on society. With extensive experience in purchasing, engineering, marketing, business development, and sales, Emmanuel has cultivated a holistic perspective. His multicultural exposure in countries like France, India, China, and Sweden has deepened his understanding of diverse needs. Based in Hong Kong since August 2020, Emmanuel remains dedicated to the pivotal role of buses in society and their contribution to sustainability.

Clément Raimbault

Managing Director

Currently Managing Director of Scania HK and Volkswagen LCV HK, Clement has been working for Scania over the last 11 years starting his journey in France working with network development to later coordinate wholesale activities from Sweden for Europe before to become Regional Director for the South East of Spain and finally join the Asia Oceania region as Head of the Scania captive dealers. Clement has a long international retail experience with Scania over 26 different countries where focusing on the business development.

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