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Reuse, Repair & Repurpose: Circular Journey with Consumers

Day 1 : 16:00 – 16:50

As the consumer is playing a more crucial role in the transition to a circular economy, it would come as no surprise that this will be key to Hong Kong’s circular journey as consumers adopt more sustainable behaviours. This panel will discuss the importance of designing products that are built to last, easy to repair, and can be repurposed at the end of their life cycle and how we can mainstream the practice in Hong Kong. 


  • How can product design be optimised to promote circularity and enable easier reuse, repair and repurpose? 
  • Are there successful business models or benefits? 
  • How can Hong Kong adopt and promote product the practice of reuse, repair and repurposing? 

Post-event Actions 

  • Understand consumers’ needs and switch business model to provide products that could last longer and harness new business opportunities. 


Joy Phi


Joy Phi is a seasoned business leader with a track record across retail, hospitality and consumer goods industries and is an expert in Corporate Sustainability.  She served as the Greater China Head at Moet Hennessy Travel Retail, VP Sales and Marketing at Four Seasons Hotels for Asia-Pacific, VP Marketing at Fossil Group for Asia Pacific, and Global Director at Kimberly-Clark.

Joy is completing her Graduate Degree in Sustainability at Harvard where she is currently a board member of the Harvard Environmental Club. She is a partner at the Asia Circular Economy Association that provides training and consultancy to organizations.  Her expertise covers Circular Economy, ESG Reporting, Sustainable Fashion, Carbon Accounting, and Life Cycle Assessment.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I believe in the power of education and the magic of collaboration. My goal is to contribute to raising the awareness around sustainability and bringing all stakeholders together toward common goals.

Cristina Kountiou

Director of Innovation and Sustainability

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Cristina Kountiou is a driving force for sustainability and innovation in the world of fashion. Her journey from designer to sustainable solutions advocate has led her to become an expert in her field. She has taught at SCAD Hong Kong and The Polytechnic University which further demonstrates her commitment to shaping the next generation of fashion leaders. Kountiou’s recent roles as Director of Innovation and Sustainability at BBASE DESIGN LTD and Founder of REVIVE showcase her ongoing dedication. She has orchestrated projects redirecting waste to social impact initiatives, pioneered metaverse platforms, and established initiatives like the BOW Index, measuring sustainable impact in eyewear materials. Cristina Kountiou’s influence in fashion extends far beyond design. An advocate, catalyzing change and innovation in the pursuit of a more sustainable and dynamic fashion industry.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

1. Enhanced Sustainability Practices in Fashion Industry: encouraging fashion brands to adopt more sustainable practices.
2. Integration of Sustainability in Fashion Education
3. Collaboration with government and industry bodies
4. Promotion of circular fashion
5. Engagement with the community
6. Measurable Impact

Sabrina Lerskiatiphanich

CSR & Sustainability Executive

Sabrina Lerskiatiphanich currently works within the CSR & Sustainability function at foodpanda Hong Kong. Under sustainability, she focuses on three key environmental areas: plastics, food, and carbon. She helped manage the launch of Hong Kong’s first reusable food packaging pilot, offering a more sustainable option to foodpanda vendors and users to reduce waste at the source and promote a circular economy. In addition to her environmental sustainability work, she is also involved in creating positive social impact through foodpanda’s CSR initiatives, focusing on employee wellbeing, giving back to the community, and ethics and good governance. Key projects to date include coordinating regular pandamart care package donations to the homeless and overseeing the launch of foodpanda Hong Kong’s meal donation feature.

Kenny Wong

Director, Business Development & Projects – Hong Kong

Ir Kenny Wong is the Director, Business Development & Projects – Hong Kong of ALBA Group Asia. Ir Wong is responsible for identifying and implementing suitable projects of effective waste management and recyclable, and is also acting as the Project Manager of the WEEE.PARK that is handling over 20,000 tons of waste electrical & electronic equipment per year. Kenny has over 25 years of experience in environmental management and technologies research and development, with expertise in waste, energy and carbon management, corporate sustainability; and has been leading design and implementation of cleaner production systems for various types of trades and industries, R&D & commercialization of environmental and automotive technologies. Ir Wong also has extensive experience in leading public policy research and studies; development and implementation, as well as stakeholders’ engagement on policies and initiatives of government and corporations.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

– World Without Waste
– Effective & efficient waste management & recycling
– Carbon neutrality

Leon Yoong

Senior Vice President, Techtronic Design

Leon leads Techtronic Design Asia’s team of 200+ researchers, designers, and engineers, winning over 100 international design awards. Leon focus interconnects sustainability and product innovation and has helped transformed TTI’s US$13B product portfolio of power tools, garden equipment and home appliances such as Milwaukee Tool, RYOBI and Hoover, among other brands, into a design-centric organization. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design and an EMBA from Kellogg’s-HKUST.



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