Change Makers Stage

Shifting Mindsets and Practices: Embedding Sustainability into In-House and Business Education

Day 2 : 10:35 – 11:25

Sustainability is burgeoning as a theme across all business functions in a company. As companies transition towards sustainability practices, how can industry best work with other institutions to ensure current and future business talents are prepared to take the baton for the city’s sustainability aspirations?


  • What are the top sustainability skills and attributes sought from graduates by business leaders? Perspectives from an understanding of the science versus that of business models and operations.
  • In view of the increasing number of courses and specialisations on sustainability, what role does formal credit-bearing courses and experiential learning play in nurturing future environmentally conscious business leaders?
  • How can businesses better equip employees with relevant sustainability knowledge and experience? Perspectives from academia, human resources, business leaders, youth and more
  • What are the challenges and opportunities of incorporating sustainability into workplace training? What are the roles of employers in preparing their workforce to address sustainability challenges?
  • What is the impact of sustainability education on different business units and strategies?

Post-Event Actions

  • Gain insights on best practices for embedding sustainability into in-house education, shifting mindsets and practices towards a sustainable business transition, and preparing employees in different business units to address sustainability challenges.


Dr Margaret Burnett

Programme Director

Currently the Programme Director for the Master of Social Science in Sustainability Leadership and Governance, in the Centre for Civil Society and Governance at the University of Hong Kong. Margaret has developed learning modules for students as well as organisations to raise awareness of sustainability issues and their relevance by helping both students and clients integrate sustainability into personal and core organizational decision-making processes. She is often a guest speaker, and partners with organizations to provide support to their in-house Sustainable Development initiatives, currently with an emphasis on climate change related factors.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

For leaders to put into action meaningful changes to their operations given that everyone can drive significant improvements through the cumulative effect of us all playing our part. As much as we all want nice stuff, it’s not much point if we don’t have a planet to put it on!

Keith Chan

Assistant Professor

Keith is an Assistant Professor of Green Finance at the HKUST, where he is responsible for teaching three core courses: ESG Reporting and Management, Economics for Environmental Policy and Management, and Green Business Strategy. Keith obtained his PhD in Economics from University of Cambridge. He is a Co-Principal Investigator of Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) 2021/22 by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the Hong Kong Government, entitled ”Developing Hong Kong as a Global Green Finance Centre” (HKD 10,858,000). He is currently developing a research program on applying micro-economic and game theories to study the optimal design of green finance policies, including credibility assessment of corporate net-zero transition pathways. His work on green finance taxonomies has been cited by policy thinktanks. Keith also helps the Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals (HKIQEP) to develop educational materials on corporate sustainability and ESG reporting.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

  • To have its green classification framework (taxonomy) recognized and endorsed by international regulators.

Summer Chen

Principal Consultant, Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change

Summer is a senior advisor of business low carbon economy transition and supports companies at all stages of their decarbonisation journey, from developing a net zero strategy, implementing energy efficiency or reduction measures, to deploying low-carbon technologies, such as CCUS, Hydrogen. She has experience in TCFD-aligned climate risk assessment and financial impact quantification, decarbonisation roadmap development covering a broad range of sectors, including mining & metals, financial service, oil &gas, power, manufacturing, technology and real estate.

Prior to Hong Kong, Summer has worked for the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office for over 5 years on climate change and energy policy through the delivery of projects to support regional energy transition, where she has gained a portfolio of experience in offshore wind, power sector reform, carbon market, shale gas, climate risk, marine plastic and green finance. Summer also took temporary role in UN agencies (UNFCCC, UNDP). She was selected as Impact Champion by Women in Renewables Asia in 2021.

Derek Wu

Lead Consultant

Derek works as the Lead Consultant at AXA Climate to bring AXA’s risk expertise onto the topics of climate and nature and advise big corporations, financial institutions, and non-profits in the APAC region.

Throughout his career, Derek has supported clients across various sustainability fronts, including climate and biodiversity risk assessments, scenario analysis, sustainability and business resilience strategy development and ESG engagements and due diligences. His guidance has enabled operation teams, management, and boards to navigate the increasing scrutiny and uncertainty posed by climate change.

Derek’s academic background in environment management and technology has provided him with a strong foundation for his work, as he continues to deepen his knowledge in this ever-evolving field. Outside of work, Derek is an avid scuba-diver and mountain climber, which you will find him either out in the wild or indoor planning for his next liveaboard or hiking trip.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Having witnessed first-hand how plastics are affecting the nature, both land and ocean, a big goal I wish to make happen is to reduce single-use plastics, personally and among colleagues (to make the daily pile of single-use plastics disposed after lunch disappear!)

Justin Yeung


Justin Yeung is a sustainability practitioner who was born and raised in Hong Kong. He prides himself in being an expansive learner, with a keen passion for novelty and growth.

In 2022, Justin participated in a climate change expedition to Antarctica as a Hong Kong delegate. Inspired by the experience, he co-founded 2041 Hong Kong, a youth community organization dedicated to inspiring and catalyzing change for sustainable development and promoting the #AntarcticSpirit.

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