People & Purpose Theatre

Social Impact Measurement – Where Business Economic and Social Impact Coincides

Day 1 : 13:10 – 14:00

Why is it important for us to draw the measurement of social impact back to the common denominator of economics? Join our panellist and practitioners of social impact measurement for a unique window into their experience, covering their success, challenges, learning, and more.

Session Discussion Points

  • What are the key factors to social impact measurement? What were the challenges they faced on embarking on this journey?


Virginia Wilson

Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong

Senior Executive Advisor

Leading private and social enterprises for over 25 years in multilateral, culturally diverse environments, Virginia is passionate about bringing to life measurable impact and creating new value in our society.

Virginia has a demonstrated track record of securing strategic partnerships between corporations, governments, and non-profits to deliver on social impact projects. She started her career in telecommunications, building satellites, and the distribution of free-to-air television across 60 countries in Asia.

Virginia focuses on education, believing that investing in people is the key driver for impactful change. Bringing together diversity and crossing cultural divides is a pathway to create Shared Value in our world, aligning purpose with profit.

After serving on the board of several educational institutions including ESF and the VTC, Virginia is now a member of the Board of Directors of the Adecco Group Foundation in Switzerland a social innovation lab, incubating and accelerating new solutions in the world of work.

Johnny Kong

Chief Operating Officer

Johnny joined the ICTI Ethical Toy Program as the General Manager of Asia Operations in February 2017. Promoted to the Chief Operating Officer in 2022, he is responsible for overseeing the operations of the organization globally.

Before joining the Ethical Toy Program, Johnny worked at Decolav, a US-based design house of high-quality furniture and bathroom products, where he was the Managing Director of Asia Operations. Prior to this, he was the Senior Sourcing Manager at Lowe’s Global Sourcing Hong Kong Ltd. Johnny started his career working for Johnson Electric for five years managing the production for Home Appliances products. He brings a wealth of leadership and operational management experience to the Ethical Toy Program team, gained from his 22 years working in the international manufacturing industry .

He received a Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Victoria in Canada and a Master of Science in Engineering Management at the City University of Hong Kong.

Garrick Lau

Head of Sustainability & Shared Value

Being a Gen-Y and a father of two children, Garrick is aspired to bring happiness and fulfilment to the future generations. He believes it is fundamental for every individual and every business to do good and create shared values for the community.

His experience covers social innovation, sustainability, change management and intrapreneurship, hospitality and real estate asset management, and youth development.

He currently works with a private conglomerate to integrate sustainability across various aspects of operations, target to demonstrate and advocate for the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model to all businesses.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

To encourage more businesses to incorporate social impact measurement to enhance transparency.

Accountability is paramount when it comes to doing good and creating shared values to all.

Vincent Mok

CEO & Director (APAC)

Vincent joined Hartley McMaster as CEO & Director (APAC) to steer and shape the application of Operational Research (Applied Mathematics) for the firm’s APAC clients. A significant part of his passion in this role is in helping executives embrace the creative use of mathematical models to find optimal solutions to highly complex problems involving multiple moving parts from across their value chains.

Vincent’s involvement with ESG is tied closely to his work with clients to optimize their investment planning and resource allocation strategies, particularly for regulated utilities and other asset-intensive industries. This includes the optimization of USD$20 Billion in infrastructure investment plans across the UK gas network and the quantitatively-derived regulatory justification for a pilot conversion of existing gas pipelines for hydrogen use.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I hope to see Hong Kong companies go beyond ESG reporting and start to incorporate ESG measurements into their investment planning approaches.

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